Q: Um, ok just what exactly is going on here? Who is Dr. Bootybot? Why is he so fresh? I just got here!

A: Ok, a little background info for the folks at home.  Dr. Bootybot lives in Twin Cheeks, Tennessee and his job is to maintain the freshness of the city.  He does this by dropping slow, hypnotic, bootyshaking, rumpbumping songs.  He has been making music since he was twelve, when he was hit on the head.  A graduate of Oxford, class of '92, Dr. Bootybot frequently likes to take liesurely walks when he isn't saving Twin Cheeks from the destruction caused by DJ Derriere.

Q: Who is DJ Derriere?

A: He used to be roommates with Dr. BB in college, but they had a falling out somewhere along the way.  Now DJ Derriere is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to make sure Dr. Bootybot is destroyed.  He has a lot of "friends" including Scratchmaster Squato, Funkmaster Flush, Peter G, ASSassin, and more.

Q: So who are those guys on the cover?  I can't tell who is who.
A: From the left, you have Fuzzywinkle Snazzmatazz, then below him is Dr. Bootybot, then to the right is Jittery Jack, and lurking above them is the Boodyguard.  From the right you have Funkmaster Flush, then below him is ASSassin, below him is DJ Derriere, and then of course, Peter G.  Oh, and that is MC Ganesh in the middle.

Q: So wait, let me get this straight, MC Ganesh is a rapping fortune telling machine?
A: Yes.

Q: Oh, I was wondering.  Is this whole CD a big joke or artistic statement? Is it a complete wank or a social commentary on society's focus on the booty and a warning of the dangers of too much bass?  I just don't understand.
A: You know, that's an interesting question.  The number of underlying themes concerning hip-hop, pop culture, music and as you said, booty, are really quite remarkable.  I'm sure someone could write a paper on it, but not me - I am just the lowly A: to the FAQ.

Q: So if I buy this CD, you say everyone will like me?
A: Yes.

Q: You sound tired. Do you want to continue this later? I'm sure everyone will come back to read it.
A: I was hoping you would say that.  We'll finish this some other time.

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